Sunday, October 19, 2008


My vision for this website is for one place many people can come and share information. If you have ideas, recipes, gardening tips, want to be a part of bartering, have an awesome budgeting system, etc that you want to share please email it to me at and I will post it on the website giving credit to you. We want to touch as many families as we can so let's do it girls and get busy so spread the word!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Well any of you who know me realize what an obsesser I am especially about saving money. Wednesday night I was watching my tivod episode of Oprah for the day and what does the topic happen to be on??? SAVING MONEY !!! A lot of the info was really basic-especially for someone already in tune to shopping/budgeting however it sparked a fantastic idea ( another one of my A HA moments) so here goes..... Over the last week we have all been a little shaken by the economy, the dow taking a massive nose dive - I mean even my teenage sons have become aware. Each one of us are worried about our finances and future. If you have never had to worry about a budget, getting a supply of food and water, or preparing for a natural disaster than you have been lucky.However, your luck someday will run out SO before that happens it is time to get prepared. I am simply going to quote Oprah from todays show who said" it's time to shift our way of thinking- to become more creative and live within our means." Now please don't think I completely worship Oprah- but she does have an amazing ability to reach millions of people and to get "their buts a movin"and I do respect her for that. Personally I am a religious person and follow what the bible has been telling us for years GET PREPARED!! So in order to help others I have decided to open up a blog in which we in Arizona and possibly many other states can help each other out. so here is my vision:

#1 increase our food storages to have at least a 3 months supply of food and water

# 2 use the barter system when you have an ability to do so. If you noticed there is a column to the right for those who want to be a part of this I would love to hook you up with others:) Here's an example:I have a gourmet cupcake business and recently I needed photos taken to launch my new website. A good friend of mine traded me her fabulous photography skills for cupcakes- I personally LOVE being able to do this:)

#3 utilize coupons in the grocery stores so you can decrease your food bill. I teach classes on this subject thru a company called Coupon$ense and it really changed my life and our budget. small fees are involved but are minimal considering the hundereds of dollars I save on a monthly basis

#4 becoming a better gardner-this year I am actually going to plant fruits and veggies and hope they survive. My Dad is an amazing gardner so I'm hoping to follow in his footsteps.

#5 get down a budget so you know where every penny of your money goes and so you can start getting your massive savings account going as well as GET OUT OF DEBT!

I most certainly do not profess to be the most knowledgable on several of these subjects and to be honest I am starting this blog to help me as well. But if you are interested in knowing more and sharing your info with others on how to save money, coupon shopping, gardening, preparing, and of course bartering then send an email to I would love to have your comments and websites. We are here as friends and sisters of this earth to help one another so let's take it upon ourselves to do it!